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Heart and Art...

Prem Rawat
on ... peace, joy, clarity
The Prem Rawat

Timeless Today
Words of Peace
hopeful painting Gabriel Mark Lipper
Gabriel Mark Lipper
Fine Arts
retired after 15 years
Bill & Ruby Ruby McGrew
Bill McGrew
Ralph Lipper & Don Pierce Ralph Lipper
Donald Pierce


"Happiness is not a consequence, it's a state of being."
- Prem Rawat

Don't Worry Be Happy - Bobby Mcferrin

Mr Natural


what's old?
...but still good

Archive of Previous Subjects
and quotes

Autumn '13
  Iris Amelia Lipper
Summer '12
  breathing the air
  work in Central Oregon
Summer '10
  Changing the way I play
Autumn '09
  Playing for Change
Spring '09
  Family Stuff
Summer '08
  Domino Theory (movie)
Summer '08
  Chad Busts a Move (movie)
Spring '08
  Bug Movie
Spring '08
Winter '07-08   photos
Winter '07-08
  weiner mobile
Autumn '07
June '07
  stairway & intimacy
May '07
  bicycles & justice
March '07
  Paul deLay
April '07
  taxes & war


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