Fred's sister, Kate, is going to did marry Bill Scott (in October)
Kate is a Nurse Practioner specializing in pain management.
Bill is the General Manager of Portland's ZipCar.
Best to them both!


Chad & Oneilia moved from Miami to Oregon in June
They 've rented an apartment
and are working now.
Chad has decided to try out construction work with Otis Construction.
Chad & Onielia

Fred's niece, Julia, has a new job with
the City of Portland Office of Sustainable Development
and is planning to marry
did marry Joe Wagner and now they have a beautiful daughter!

oh no Joe

Gabe is has a new website and
is painting pirates.
among other projects, the Nashville connection continues...
ahoy big boy

there will certainly be more to come on these developments
& I'll update this news when I have some time
or a sleepless night...
so stay tuned